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Keep people in the dark, in a state of precarious equilibrium, never revealing the background of your actions. Being in the dark about what you want to do, they will not be able to protect themselves. Lead them on the wrong trail, spread the fog, and by the time they realize your intentions, it will be too late.
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If you don't share someone's pain, you will never be able to understand them.
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People who cannot throw away something important will never be able to change anything.
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I never sink to the bottom of a faceted glass and always fill it to the brim.
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I have always been attracted to people who suffered from some kind of ailment, which was considered impossible to cure. I wanted to join the fight against the disease and win, to see the smile of those who have already lost the habit of smiling, whose face has long been only suffering and tears. I did not always win, but I never refused help until I tried all possible methods and ways of healing. And in this constant struggle with death, in the struggle with suffering, I found the meaning of my life.
Quote Explanation: About his medical practice.
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Marriage in China has never been the business of those entering into it. Marriage was only a means to prolong the life of the family, to make it seem to exist forever.
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For those who have never been bullied, it is useless to explain. It's like explaining to bright minds who think that rabbit feet bring good luck, because if the feet really brought good luck, they would remain with the hares.
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You will never find a person who does not like the sound of the surf.
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A true friend is like a human hand. We can't imagine a hand betraying us by saying, "You're not good enough, I'll go to another person." Or for her to harm us in secret. So a faithful friend remains by your side forever and will never secretly think evil of you. That's for sure!
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These young people wanted to go beyond their class, this never goes unpunished.
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if I started a relationship, then this person has everything, and money, and pleasant communication and passionate sex.
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Ma chérie... Don't be afraid of anything! Fear does not allow us to look ahead, weighs down our steps and fetters our hands. Follow your dreams without betraying your values and yourself. If you don't feel comfortable with these people, leave. If you want to start something new, start. If you dream of flying - sit at the helm and fly. Never listen to all those who do not believe in you. Leave them behind and don't even look back. Smile. Live with your eyes wide open. And open your heart only to those who truly deserve it. And please remember, I will always support and love you. Yours.
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Coffee with love is when you dilute the bitterness of coffee with your smile that you give to your loved one ... Coffee with love is when coffee is sweet not so much from sugar as from a gentle morning kiss ... Coffee with love is when her hands warm not only a cup with a burning fragrant drink, but also his hands, which gently stroke her fingers, as if trying to convey all their tenderness through touch ... Coffee with love is a quiet affectionate love
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With the holiday of gentle spring, beautiful, with the sunniest day! This is where spring begins. Today. And it is born in our fragile female souls. I wish that this touching and bright feeling grows and expands, and does not fade even by autumn. The very feeling that makes a gentle snowdrop raise its graceful head, breaking through the thickness of the snow. The one for which there are no barriers, for which everything is possible.
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