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Miyagi & Endgame There the Mountains Roared
Quote Explanation: The song is about drugs. The author, who himself used it, wishes that we never understood all that he experienced.
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You won't be drowned here!
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- So what? Sometimes a person is immediately visible. And it's clear what will happen in the future...
- So what? Sometimes a person is immediately visible. And...
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- The truth does not interest anyone, it is important how everything looks from the outside.
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She is surprisingly similar to an overexcited child who was called down for tea ... She is naughty, she laughs with pleasure, she falls on the sofa ... She holds a flower in her teeth, pretending that a daisy is a cigarette ... And everything she does is artlessly, directly, natural, contagious fun. And it will all end in tears.
Quote Explanation: About Marilyn Monroe.
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- Truth? Not sure the world will listen.
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It seems that someone sits inside and commands what to say and what to do. This is not our True Self. This is just the truth about ourselves. At the level of being, we are all perfect and like God.
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Thus, his constant lying is the only way to save face in the eyes of gullible morons.
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They tell me that I put myself above others, but this is not true. I put myself on a par with everyone... With all the great people.
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To hell with the numbers, because this is not happiness.
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- I love her. I love Emma and I want her to smile.
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