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If we trust another, then even if he does not fully trust us, we ourselves always treat him with full sincerity. If we do not trust someone, then even if he never deceives us, we ourselves are ready to deceive him.
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Prosperous, respectable, sober businessman - one of those stern and apparently cruel, but at heart gentle people, like the heroes of modern sublime melodramas, whose heroes, as you know, distribute guineas with one hand, and with the other, simply from a commercial principle, shake everything out of a person. to the hundredth of the last farthing.
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The origin of cheating dates back to the childhood of mankind. This science can be traced through the centuries up to the deepest antiquity. However, modern people have brought it to perfection, which our thick-browed forefathers could not even dream of.
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The swindler is original, otherwise his conscience does not allow him. His thoughts are his own. He doesn't need strangers. He despises outdated tricks. Cheated impudently. He walks around. He puts his hands on his sides. Keeps fists in pockets. Laughs in your face. Stepping on your calluses. He eats your dinner, drinks your wine, borrows money from you, leaves you with your nose, kicks your dog and kisses your wife.
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Cheated stubbornly. He does not despair over trifles. It's not easy to bring him to despair. Even if all the banks burst, he cares little. He stubbornly pursues his goal. She cheated a lot on inventions. He has great ingenuity. Capable of the most cunning ideas. He knows how to gain confidence and get out of any situation.
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The swindler is guided by self-interest. He will not cheat just for the sake of cheating. He considers it unworthy. He has an object of activity - his pocket. And yours too. And he always chooses the most favorable moment. He is number one. And you are number two and have to take care of yourself.
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A swindler can be seen as a miniature banker, and a financial transaction as a swindle. They are related like a mastodon to a mouse, like a comet's tail to a pig's tail.
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Swindle, if we consider it in the right light, is a complex concept, its components are: small scope, self-interest, perseverance, fiction, courage. impudence, imperturbability. originality, impudence and smirk.
Quote Explanation: typical representative - Ostap Bender
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cry, said the poet. But this is not so: he was born to cheat. This is the purpose of his life - his life task - his destiny. Therefore, about a person who has committed a swindle, they say that he is already inveterate.
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The concept of cheating, or rather an abstract idea contained in the verb cheat, is familiar to everyone. But the act itself, the swindle as a single action, is difficult to define. However, some clarity in this matter can be achieved if we define not cheating, as such, but a person, as an animal that cheats. Man is an animal that inflates; and apart from man, there is not a single animal that cheats.
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And you got scammed!
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Comparing the many virtues of these beautiful four-legged with human depravity to such an extent opened my eyes and broadened my horizons, that the actions and passions of a person appeared to me in a completely new light. I have cultivated in myself a deep hatred of all lies and pretense.
Quote Explanation: in the country of horses
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Don't ask questions and you won't be lied to.
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What? Once he lied successfully - lie further. Such a law of lies.
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