Book: Notre Dame Cathedral

At first I loved women, then animals. Now I love stones. They are as funny as women and animals, but less treacherous.
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Thus, he turned out to be deaf and blind at the same time. This is the prerequisite for being a model judge!
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However, we observe the same thing today: the mouth of every scientist who showers praise on his brother is a bowl of sweetened bile.
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For love is like a tree: it grows by itself, deeply triggering in us the roots, and often continues to turn green even in the devastated heart.
And, inexplicably, blind passion is the most resistant. She's stronger when she's reckless.
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The book will kill the building.
The invention of the printing press is the greatest historical event. In him the germ of all revolutions. It is a completely new means of expressing human thoughts; thinking takes on a new form, rejecting the old. This means that symbolical serpent which since the days of Adam has represented intelligence, irrevocably changed the skin.
The printed word idea has become durable as ever; she is winged, elusive, indestructible. It mingles with the air. During the architecture idea was turned into a stone colossus and authoritatively took possession of a certain age and a certain space. Now it becomes a flock of birds, flying on all four sides, and occupies all points in time and in space.
Repeat - it is impossible not to see that the idea thus becomes almost indelible. Losing strength, she gained vitality. Durability it replaces for immortality. You can destroy any mass, but how to eradicate that ubiquitous? Comes the flood, will disappear under water mountains, and the birds will still fly, and let him survive at least one ark floating on the raging elements, birds will fall on him. survives him, together with him will be attended with loss of water, and a new world that will arise from the chaos of waking up, will see how over him hovers a winged and living thought of the world sunken.
And when I am convinced that this method of expression is not only the most reliable, but also more simple, most convenient, most accessible to all; when you think that it is not associated with bulky devices and does not require heavy tools; when compared to the thought that for the realization of the building was forced to move four or five other arts, a whole ton of gold, a whole mountain of stones, a whole forest of rafters, an army of workers - when compare it with the idea, which takes the form of a book, which is enough to have a small amount of paper, ink and pen, can we wonder that the human mind preferred printing architecture? Cross suddenly the original river channel dug below its level, and the river leaves the old channel.
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Women's name should be pleasant, sweet, ethereal; it should end in long vowels, and resemble words of blessing.
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I spat in the face of their God! All for you enchantress! To howl worthy of thy hell!
Quote Explanation: Claude Frollo is trying to get Esmeralda
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She did not laugh. It was terrible. The Fox was become a hyena.
Quote Explanation: King Louis The Eleventh
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- Who are you?
- A priest.
- Are you ready?
- What?
- Death?
- How soon will it be? she asked.
- About how long to wait! - she murmured. - What they should have done it today?
Quote Explanation: Accused of witchcraft Esmeralda awaits her execution.
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The chatter of lovers - something quite banal.
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They were all equally beautiful, and therefore fought with equal weapons, any of them could win.
Quote Explanation: The noble ladies in the fight for the attention of the only other man in the room - captain Phoebus de Chateaupers.
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It is the flesh always destroys the soul.
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He realized that man needs affection, that life is devoid of tenderness and love, nothing like the squealing and squeaking of inanimate mechanism.
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He felt how tough was the transition from student dreams to everyday reality.
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All humpback walk with your head held high, all the mosaic artistbut all deaf whisper.
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