TV series: Tale of the End of the World (Shuumatsu no Walküre)

Once you get into a fight, win. This is how all the gods are.
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Hey you, respected god of the sea, let me ask you one question: Have you ever cried out of gratitude to the enemy? At least once? Ah, let's go. Sorry, I know this has never happened before.
Quote Explanation: Sasaki Kojiro addresses Poseidon.
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What is in heaven, what is on earth, the only one who can tell me is myself.
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Anything ugly can be beautiful. And everything beautiful is vile.
Quote Explanation: Shakespeare on Jack the Ripper
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The gods create life on a whim and decide to get rid of it in the same way. People are weak creatures, so some choose a righteous life, while others do not. People are filled with doubts and insecurities. At the same time, the desire to be righteous lives in each of us. We are weak servants offering our prayers to you, and you gods decide to crush us anyway. Do you think this is fair? Righteous? In that case, I will risk my life to defy the gods!
Quote Explanation: Hercules during the fight with Ares
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- Friends? The gods don't raise armies. The gods don't plot. The gods do not rely on each other. Such is the nature of the gods. From the very beginning we are ideal creatures, we do not need friends.
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- And you don't understand? You are all a bunch of idiots. Hatred, revenge - all this is nonsense. There is no reason. Do you need a reason to protect your children?
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