Anime: The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya / Suzumiya Haruhi no yûutsu)

If she easily created the universe, it just as easily can destroy it to create a new world better than the old, and then will come the real end of the world. However, we, of course, nothing of this can't be sure. Perhaps the world we are accustomed to consider the only and unique, it is only the last link in a long chain of destroyed universes.
Quote Explanation: He believes that the existing world is new, at the moment the stable version of the universe, which is easily created and just as easily can destroy it.
1 Season 5 Series
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Ordinary people do not interest me. If there are aliens, visitors from the future, people from parallel worlds, psychics - are welcome. That's all.
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Do you not think that this is possible? Listen to me, Haruhi! Such things only happen in the manga! Life is more severe and serious thing. Around the corner from the school is not lagging mysterious conspiracies, no aliens, walking down a nearby street or spacecraft buried under the hill! They do not have-VA-et! Does not happen! Do you hear?
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Okay, solved! Now after the lessons here going. Attendance is mandatory! For absenteeism - the death penalty!
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If I'm not crazy, so crazy the world itself.
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Say, the faith of salvation... but I never believed them.
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We came in one of those places where one wonders why you came here.
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I wonder if there's a universe where her common sense would be common.
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It is strange that there is absolutely nothing strange!
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Photos with your indifferent, silly, sleepy face will serve as a valuable lesson for the future generations and their descendants.
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But this brave guy decided to bring an innocent girl, fallen unconscious... And where the hell are you going freak?!
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