Ten random quotes

Wanted to find? Found. Wanted to communicate? Communicate. Fell in love with? Sorry. Want a quarrel? Please. Deleted? Your problem. Don't write? It is necessary to hurt. Want to forget? Can not...
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This night again Lynette Scavo had a dream. The one that she had already seen many times before.
Hey! Mary Alice, are you okay?
- Yes, thank you. It's all good.
- Okay. Well before the meeting.
But this time something changed.
No, I see that not all of them. Please tell me what happened. Let me save you.
- You can't.
- Honey, we can't prevent what you don't anticipate.
- How can you do this?
- It is possible. Yes. Rejoice this wonderful day. They're so little.
I never dreamed Lynette, I'm glad.
Quote Explanation: Dream Lynette
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- You used me to get to the hotel!
- No, no, no, Zoe. I feel for you is unhealthy feelings...
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Death has a lot of advantages:
For her sake, no need to get out of bed:
When the time comes to die,
It will give you free of charge.
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My whim is my problem.
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I refuse to be held responsible for bringing back a wave of pasty-faced people into the world.
I'm not going to answer for all the alcoholics in the world.
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Who sucks up to higher, he tramples those below him.
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When vain are all our hopes,
And all reliable plans suddenly the end will come,
When reign around some ignorant,
The hostess of our Death, your voice delivers.
All things to do in the life I lived,
The other swears to devote himself to art,
Sometimes the world just hate saved
The fourth hides their feelings.
Empty thoughts, stupid vanity
Over all of us once again prevail,
Until the Universe is ruled by vanity,
Sand through my fingers time elapses.
Fickle in the world of thought, manners, fashion,
Only Death unchallenged power over nature.
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I am a woman with charm, nothing more. And because no one realizes that I charm itself made, built.
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Mercy one duty to another - pleasure.
Charity - to some a duty, to others a joy.
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