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You should not spoil people a holiday. They have a lot of fun.
Quote Explanation: Says the Rat after defeating Arlong.
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Over the years, our personal demons Machaut, and the feelings of shame and remorse - this is the tool that leads to the soul. Experiencing shame, people! Don't be afraid!
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Or maybe I will be able to catch someone, the little girl, for example, polyproduct her, three quarters, and choke as long as it does not promise to give me the stick, bring the soup, make a pot, to kiss me, to caress, to smile, to hat, to stay with me, to go behind the coffin, weeping into a handkerchief... - that would be great.
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The dialogue fucking is my thing, you know, no? This is what I do! I respect people's opinions, but to go out with my film and say, "Too much dialogue", is the same stupidity as to say that, having looked at the play by Tennessee Williams or David Hare, their mother. You cannot be fucking my fans and love my dialogues. By the way, all my films have been criticized for the fact that they are long, boring dialogues. Except the first part "Kill bill" where a total massacre.
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At a certain point, you feel so good that you forget that forgotten.
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And this, Yao Zin, it is your essence you will understand?
- Nobody will understand.
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The unity of people with people, based on real differences between people, the concept of human species transferred from the heaven of abstraction to the real earth, what it is, not the concept of society!
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- It's time to save magic. To Save Neverland.
- What I need to do?
- Give me your heart - the heart of the truest believer.
- In the sense of heart to believe?
- No. In the sense of removed from the breast and give.
- But what about me?
- You will become the greatest of all heroes.
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Our lives were one. Will die one of us dies the other. If he dies, I was not going to live. If I die, he, too, was not going to live as much as I do.
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All children, this is a General law, at certain stages of growing up see themselves in the future the same as the parents.
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