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Amazing human feelings and emotions were formed in a long evolutionary process, primarily due to love, work, cooperation, exploits and hopes of the most ancient and ancient people. If life is a joy, then love for a person is dignity and pride!
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Like all those whom need makes shy, he was unaware of his own advantages and saw only the evil side of his position. If he had flattered himself to his father's old friends, he would in all probability have succeeded in obtaining their protection, but such a step was contrary to his nature.
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It's easy to be who you are if you have something that makes you proud!
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You can get the attention of anyone, try your best to be the perfect woman that a man dreams of. But often no one needs ideals. Sometimes women manage to fall in love with themselves, to make a man lose his head. But do you know what happens most of the time? Achieving the location of a man, a woman becomes comfortable for him. After all, for the sake of him, she crosses over her own interests, endures and lowers a lot to him. If you want to conquer a man yourself, you must be smart, insightful and know where the line is when you need to turn on pride and show character. Because about the spineless, El, wipe their feet. I'm not talking about the hysterics who are trying to "insert" the brains of their partners with scandals. No, baby, pride and tantrums are completely different things. Self-respect and cries of hopelessness are on different hemispheres, - she removes the stray strand behind my ear and, looking into my eyes, finishes: - You can achieve a man if you know that he is the right one. And even necessary! But this must be done carefully and cunningly so that he does not understand that a leash is being pulled on him.
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The world is so cruel ...
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How quickly here the former soldiers and heroes of the Red Army turn into lecherous pigs. Chekists and Red Army men must all the time live near death, near her. Only then on their faces begins to reflect a pale light and pride in a great cause. And then they fell into disgrace from shamelessness and impunity.
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The pride of the individual is to move briskly towards the full realization of his potential.
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Black grouses, will run away ...
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To understand and live life in its entirety is the dignity and pride of a person.
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Isn't that what makes war possible? Men so easily forget about the disgust experienced in inflicting suffering and death on others, and remember only about pride in their own prowess.
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Many merits of literature - the awakening of minds, the preservation of the integrity of the national consciousness, the pride and support that the nation derives from literature, the temporary but fruitful awakening of high aspirations in the younger generation - all this can be achieved even by such literature, which, due to the lack of outstanding talents has only the appearance of being widely developed.
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“Doctor,” the distant spoke. - Dalek killer. Punishing sword. Living death. Executioner. - The communicator was silent for a while. Ash looked at the Doctor, she was interested to see his reaction to what she heard. The doctor remained unperturbed. His face was serious and determined. The voice continued: “These are the names that the Far Ages have awarded you, Doctor. Tell me, do you feel proud, do you take pleasure in killing enemies?
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People are unconsciously proud of their status, their profession, and their hobby. Recognize the value of their cause and they will listen to you for hours.
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I was originally born a proud bird with huge wings, just from time to time they were clipped to me. No matter how gorgeous a woman is, there is always a skillful manipulator who can convince her that she is a chicken. Therefore, from time to time you need to carefully peer into the mirror to understand who you really are.
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If there is a worse sight than a frightened, proud man, I have not seen it.
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