Quote Subject: the inevitability

The endless bright sky awaits.
№ 434906   Added MegaMozg 27-01-2022 / 06:48
A pitiful fate that is swallowed up by evil. Dream or reality, light or darkness. Words descend to us from the heavens, disappearing immediately, flickering as ripples on the temporal stream. This is what the conversations in the twilight showed us about the hellish thirst for revenge that was quenched.
№ 434620   Added Viker 26-01-2022 / 19:04
Life is life. We are not always able to decide for ourselves.
№ 434540   Added Viker 26-01-2022 / 18:52
Horror and fate marched around the world in all ages.
№ 434469   Added Viker 26-01-2022 / 18:41
Creating your own destiny does not mean controlling every situation in the world. Creating your destiny is a constant pursuit of your well-being and your original nature, regardless of the content of life around you.
№ 433972   Added MegaMozg 07-01-2022 / 23:30
Old age is hopeless and unprofitable. The meaning of living is to justify fate.
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For the first time, Dick realized what a hopeless game we were playing in life and that what was done once could not be changed or corrected by any remorse.
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Love is like that: it can stop wanderers and change destinies.
№ 432902   Added MegaMozg 11-12-2021 / 02:10
Everything that happens to you is letters to you from God. They are not always written in a language that we understand. Sometimes you need to think carefully about them.
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We are doomed to die. But we are not alone. Others too! Everything! Everything! The only difference is that we know about it, while others do not.
№ 432851   Added MegaMozg 10-12-2021 / 18:39
Women placed the power over their destiny in the hands of their fathers and husbands. A great life has become a shallow life.
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A wild, ancient instinct told her: this is a chance to change fate and make it happen that something better than intended, but something better happened.
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Fate took care of him, like everyone who trusts her.
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Weiyun Bao does not give gifts. As is fate. All that we receive - both good and bad - is a reward for our efforts.
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In our country, everyone knows which of the deities is his spiritual parent. There are women who are the spiritual daughters of Yemanji. These are wonderful mothers, they are responsible for the renewal of life in the world. There are women like Obba, needlewomen and hostesses. They protect the home and hearth, feed their tribe. There are people who are healers like Oshosi. They know the power of plants and cannot live without nature. There are Shango's children and Ogun's children - they are warriors, politicians, entrepreneurs. They are full of will and noble passion. I am also the spirit daughter of Jansa, so I immediately recognized you. We weren't both born to stay at home. Dedicating ourselves to husband and motherhood for us means going against our nature. And a person who has gone against his nature will face the most terrible punishment after death, because he did not fulfill his destiny and wasted his life.
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