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until the last breath of heaven.
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wall. The Chinese walls come to an agreement with each other and the Chinese walls find a common language much faster and through them we also begin to relate to each other in a different way.
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It’s strange, this is what came to my mind: a person who doesn’t nurture his stories while he lives, so that they will survive him later, will most likely be lost not only for the whole story, but also for the family to whom he could pass them on. Of course, such is the fate of the majority, when whole lives - even the most striking and remarkable - shrink to the gloomy blackened inscriptions on a dried family tree: half a date and an interrogative dangling nearby
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Themselves have become like fierce animals.
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My grandmother told my mother: "Being alone is bad." Mom kept repeating to Hannah, "Being alone is bad." Therefore, Hannah all her life and clung to anything, just to escape from loneliness, from her desert.
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I would like to think that I am a good person, but I will not know for sure. I do not remember my real name, where I am from, if I have a family. Probably, somewhere I have friends, but I remember only those whom I met in the last two years. All previous memories were erased without a trace.
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- I agree with this answer too, it is really accurate.
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There were cold days when it seemed that everything was a mistake and it was time to let her go, but she still hugged her and said that she felt like an angel was protecting her from all troubles.
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We are a youth magazine, and you tell about some incredible things. Well, where did you see husbands cheating on their wives? I personally don't remember that. And then, these are our husbands, these are our wives. Absolutely atypical.
We are a youth magazine, and you tell about some incredible...
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A woman has no homeland. Her homeland is a man. A woman's homeland appears when she has a husband. Or children. Children abandon their homeland - and the mother again does not have it. Homeland is where the heart of a child is.
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peels off! At this moment, plus or minus works in contrast.
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Mankind, obviously, must choose one of two things: either commit suicide, or learn to live as one family. I suppose that humanity will agree to a cruel dictatorship of the Leninist type as less evil than self-destruction.
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Beauty and carnal desires are too fragile material; you cannot build a solid foundation on it.
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If you fasten the first button of your jacket correctly, the rest will fall into place behind it. But if the first button hit the wrong loop, everything will go at random. So it is in marriage: it is necessary to set priorities correctly and arrange everything in order. Husbands, if wives come first for you, and for you, your wife, inter-area comes first, everything will fall into place in your marriage.
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And everyone is alive and well in her!
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