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Since the noble Guygnhnms are by nature endowed with a general predisposition to all virtues and have not the slightest idea of what evil is in a rational being, the basic rule of their life is to perfect the mind and completely obey its leadership.
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Our concepts of good and evil are humane and socially conditioned. They are very good as norms of social life. But the existence of the world does not take them into account. The world is not subject to judgment. He treats all of us the same.
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There is only victory or defeat.
There is only victory or defeat.
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Why do I do what I do? In truth, I have no idea why. It's just my nature to act the way I act, and that's all I can say.
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- This is the TARDIS, where else is more mobile?
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- I have no idea. Just a stranger and her friends. Came and saved us all.
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I hate that feeling when you are sad, but you have no idea why. You feel SUCH emptiness, but nothing special has happened. They ask you: what's wrong? And you cannot explain or you are not asked about anything at all, I do not know which is worse. It feels like I miss someone I've never met before, like I need someone who doesn't need me. Loneliness embraces and takes possession of me, but it does not even bother me, I deliberately protect myself, sadness becomes my best and only friend. I start to hate myself and want to be left alone, I just hate this feeling. The feeling when you don't know how you feel.
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I have no idea what a female orgasm is. He's like a Loch Ness monster, no one has seen him. Anyone who has seen a female orgasm is a liar. It is a fact. In fact, of course, you can achieve a female orgasm, but with the help of dialogue. Not through sex. You just need to say to her at the moment when the woman is not right as much as possible, yells and hysterics: Sorry ... Then it will float.
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This is a magical serve.
This is a magical serve.
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In physics, when you see something for the first time, nothing is clear. And when you see it again - well, well, I have already seen it.
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"Purpose" and "meaning" are human concepts. Concepts that only imaginative beings can create.
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Understand concepts.
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There is nothing normal. It's a stupid word that everybody hurts.
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Concepts of – ' began Martin.
– I do not teach concepts! – twisted ENCs. – You're the longevity of the work will the youngsters to RUB. I have one concept – my family, my clan, my people. If for them it is necessary to refuse to negotiate – I will negotiate, and if for them it will be necessary to Jet to cut the throat I'll claw. I will cut anyone's throat who is in the way of my family get up, okay? And don't lecture me about concepts, I can also remember when and who with whom he worked!
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