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Our telescopes and mathematical research constantly convince us that space and therefore volume are of great importance to the Almighty. Stars move in cycles that are most suitable for rotating the largest number of bodies without colliding. These bodies are precisely shaped to contain the greatest possible amount of matter within a given surface.
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In my time, I did not know anyone who held such a fantastic view that the universe (or this world, if you like) had a beginning.
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If you treat people like shit, the universe will surely dip you into this shit.
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Could I catch up with her, say that I won't let her go? I was looking for other women, being alone all the time. Sometimes it seems to me that fate or the Universe exists - it was my copy: just as cold, and sometimes hot, it also seeks the truth that is unknown to anyone.
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She doesn't like it when dreams come true, ”he said sadly. - She thinks that the universe is too complicated without it.
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People perceive the world so linear, you live, grow old, die. But the universe is much more extensive than you might imagine. History is not linear simply because it seems to you to be. She is alive and changing with numerous ebb and flow. History is more than a body of facts and is far more fragile than it seems. Of course there are fixed points, yes. He paused for a moment to catch his breath - things that should happen, and that should happen and always happens. It is those events that cannot change themselves and cannot be changed. Everything else ... the story is flexible, Rory.
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- I can feel them all. I feel how the universe is dying.
- I can feel them all. I feel how the universe is dying.
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The doctor was worried. For someone who had convinced himself many times that the universe was his responsibility, and only his, there was nothing new in worry. But it was a particularly grave and ominous concern. The kind that can be cut into slices and served for lunch.
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When you wander without a goal, time passes more slowly. The culture of immediacy and ultra-fast reactions in which we exist leads us to the fact that we seem to exist nowhere. When we go on foot, we again plunge into the time that nature, the Universe, and space live by. This is the time of life. The time in which you reconnect with yourself.
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In the Universe, destruction occurs for billions of years. But without him, the universe could not have evolved. This is what the universe really does. Survival!
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Man is just a reed, the weakest in nature, but he is a thinking reed. It is not necessary for the entire universe to take up arms to crush him: steam, a drop of water is enough to kill him. But even if the Universe crushed him, man would still be nobler than his killer, because he knows that he is dying and that the Universe has an advantage over him. The universe knows none of this.
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I felt it in my veins, but I couldn't put it into words.
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The universe is full of causeless, unclouded evil. The warrior does not try to understand him or enter into an alliance with him. The warrior eradicates evil.
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Are you sure he's the best option? After all, Solitrakt does not need a husband, he needs the whole Universe. The one who saw her all. And that's me. I live longer, saw more, loved more and lost more. I can share all this with you. Everything you want to know about what you never had.
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- And before you have time to blink an eye, - the Doctor completed, folding his arms over his chest, - only the Garamanov universe remained. Small, frightened, power-obsessed Garamans. All the same, all irritable, all blaming each other for what happened.
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